Custody Division Executive


Welcome to the recruitment process. The company is a privately owned and managed financial services firm. Founded 200 years ago, the american bank is focused on protecting their clients’ financial well-being and to grow their assets over long periods of time. The company has established a Business Center in Cracow several years ago and provides complex banking services to its clients all around the world.


In your role as a Division Executive – Custody, you are part of the senior management team overseeing key Custody Operations divisions in Krakow. Your role manages multiple disciplines and works in close collaboration with various division and disciplines leaders globally. You will bring a technology-based focus to drive the digital and data transformation of the operation. You handle escalation items and interface with clients at the highest level to enhance the client experience, along with strategic engagement and planning in collaboration with global colleagues. Your position applies leadership, initiative, creativity, risk coordination and the ability to instil enthusiasm and commitment among team members through people leadership. In addition, your experience will bring excellent client communication and relationship skills to enable the group to maintain high-quality service standards.


Relationship Management:

  • Directing and coordinating client interactions and supporting transactions/operations.
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of superior service in accordance with the company’s global strategy.
  • Building and maintaining strong client and internal relationships.
  • Forming strategic partnerships by providing resources and expertise to maximize business success.

Risk & Control:

  • Drawing upon extensive functional expertise of product/service area to balance day to day operations with the strategic direction set for the business unit.
  • Overseeing and ensuring compliance to all procedures whether internal or agreed external policies.
  • Monitoring operational issues and following through on effective problem resolution with the management of supporting departments.
  • Product Development
  • Participating in product development initiatives including research and implementation of client solutions.

Leadership And Staff Management:

  • Assisting senior management with ongoing project management and act as a professional voice for the department and firm as a whole.
  • Being a leader in office-wide initiatives, both related to strategic and operational needs, and also for volunteer efforts and causes.
  • Actively managing direct reports and other staff by establishing timely and challenging performance standards, providing ongoing feedback and conducting annual performance appraisals.
  • Participating in the career development of staff and acting as a positive role model and mentor.
  • Participating in the interview and selection process, to attract highly qualified, high potential candidates for the firm.
  • Delegating and managing performance – delegates effectively by clearly communicating objectives, standards, responsibilities, and milestones while holding individuals and teams accountable for achieving results.
  • Implementing strategy through communicating a strategic vision that leverages and builds the firm’s strengths to deliver a competitive advantage.

Financial Control:

  • Ensuring the most effective use of the firm’s resources through careful planning, analysis, and control.
  • Facilitating salary and bonus planning for the department.

Technology, Innovation and Productivity:

  • Seeking to increase efficiency while maintaining a high degree of service and client satisfaction.



  • BA/BS degree and/or equivalent work experience.
  • 10+ years of financial services industry xperience related to functional area of expertise.
  • 5+ years of progressive management experience.
  • Experience managing multiple internal or client relationships.
  • Experience working on implementation projects.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to motivate staff to perform and deliver high levels of clients service.
  • Ability to communicate openly and sincerely.
  • Ability to conduct oneself with a high level of professionalism exhibiting the highest respect for the client and company support areas.
  • Proven ability to manage and implement change.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities.
  • Ability to think and work independently.



  • A collaborative environment that enables you to step outside your role to add value wherever you can.
  • Direct access to clients, information and experts across all business areas around the world.
  • Opportunities to grow your expertise, take on new challenges and reinvent yourself— without leaving the firm.
  • A culture of inclusion that values each employee’s unique perspective.
  • High-quality benefits program emphasizing good health, financial security, and peace of mind.
  • Rewarding work with the flexibility to enjoy personal and family experiences at every career stage.
  • Benefits package (eg. profit sharing and annual bonus in the amount of several dozen percents of annual remuneration).

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Działając na podstawie art. 6 ust. 1 pkt a) Rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (zwane dalej RODO) udzielam zgody na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w niniejszym dokumencie przez Precision HR Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Krakowie w aktualnych oraz przyszłych procesach rekrutacyjnych.


Dane osobowe zawarte w przesłanym przez Panią/Pana CV są przetwarzane przez Precision HR Sp. z o.o., z siedzibą przy ul. Miodowej 19/18 w Krakowie, 31-055 w celu realizacji przez Precision HR aktualnych oraz przyszłych procesów rekrutacyjnych zgodnie z przepisami rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (Dz.Urz. UE L 119 z 4.5.2016 r.).

Pani/Pana dane osobowe są przetwarzane na podstawie art. 6 ust. 1 pkt a) RODO, wobec udzielenia Administratorowi zgody na ich przetwarzanie celem przeprowadzenia rekrutacji w związku z poszukiwaniem przez Panią/Pana pracy.

Dane zostaną przekazane następującym kategoriom odbiorców: potencjalnym pracodawcom w ramach prowadzenia procesu rekrutacyjnego; podmiotom prowadzącym serwery, na których znajdują się dane kontaktowe; podmiotom prowadzącym serwery, na których znajdują się dane związane z rekrutacją.

Dane osobowe zostaną usunięte wraz z wygaśnięciem zgody na przetwarzanie danych.

Przysługuje Pani/Panu prawo do cofnięcia w dowolnym momencie zgody na przetwarzanie danych, żądania od Administratora dostępu do danych osobowych dotyczących Pani/Pana osoby, sprostowania, przenoszenia, usunięcia lub ograniczenia przetwarzania danych, wniesienia sprzeciwu wobec przetwarzania danych, oraz prawo do wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego tj. Prezesa Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych.

Cofnięcie zgody na przetwarzanie danych osobowych jest równoznaczne z rezygnacją z dalszego udziału w procesach rekrutacyjnych realizowanych przez Precision HR Sp. z o.o. .

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